Tech Top 2017 – Ninebot by Segway Scooter MiniPRO Received Two Awards


The most innovative awards of the year Tech Top 2017 were held on the 28th of October. The most distinguishing feature of these awards is that applauses and all the attention go to the gadgets instead of people. Technological show took place third year in a row, fifteen different categories were awarded from smart home to beauty and health products.

Ninebot by Segway scooter MiniPRO, distributed by company ACME Europe, received two awards – Electric Mean of the Transport of the Year and Health, Mean of the Transport of the Year. Scooter competed with electric bikes and other scooters in the category of Electric Mean of Transport while in the category of Health Products there was a bunch of various devices – scales, massage gadgets, toothbrushes, feet massage bathes and other.

Scooter Mini PRO is resistant to rain and dust, has two separate motors in the wheels and light aluminium main frame. Rubber base for feet ensures stable stepping on/off the scooter as well as easy control of the gadget. Silent and soft motors guarantee convenient and smooth ride.