Getting hungrier as they eat – new technology producers do not plan to stop


None can deny that the last few years have been a golden age for technology and innovations. Our everyday lives have been enriched by virtual reality devices, drones, Segways and countless other functional devices. Ignas Rumbutis, the head of ACME Europe's Product Development division, visited a number of new technology exhibitions in 2016 and recently returned from CES (the Consumer Electronics Show). He shared his insights about the latest technology trends.

The great movement of nations or a unification of product groups

According to the specialist, one of the first things he noticed at the most recent exhibition he visited was the unification of product groups. “Relatively newly created products that hadn't belonged to any general category are now being combined into one. For example, drone producers presented drones with action sports cameras while action sports camera producers introduced special cases allowing users to connect their existing cameras to drones, along with gimbal mounts to improve video recording quality. Virtual reality headset producers solved the problem of a lack of content by presenting 360° cameras that allow users to create their own content for virtual reality headsets,” said Rumbutis, sharing his insights.

Old products with new accessories

According to Rumbutis, smart phones or headphones haven't changed much technologically within recent years. However, their accessories have advanced rapidly. “At the CES exhibition that was held recently, you could see not just 360° cameras, which are quickly growing more and more popular, but also special lenses that you could simply place on your phone to film in 360°,” said the ACME Europe specialist as he shared his experiences. “Well-known headphones are being sold with virtual reality headsets, and you can get game controller and virtual reality headset combinations together,” added Rumbutis.

Products that were placed on a pedestal in 2016 continue to advance

One new product from recent years is the drone. The first devices to appear on the market were rather simple and didn't have many functions beyond flying around in the air. However, according to our specialist, we can now find drones that can lift people, transport cargo or even operate underwater. Another bit of good news is that their prices are approachable for consumers. “Drone production technologies are improving, so it's normal that their prices are falling. Soon, ACME Europe's selection of products will include a drone made of flexible plastic that will be very resistant to impacts and water that will cost about 50 Euros,” said Rumbutis.

“Wearable technology is expanding its selection of products with colours and different models and design solutions. Health is also a very relevant topic, so there are efforts being made to integrate more functions for monitoring the user's health. This means more than just heart rate monitors. One of the more interesting solutions are smart bracelets for athletes in certain sports, like golf players for example,” said Rumbutis. “There is also the continuing trend of integrating new smart functions into traditional watches. We can also expect more innovations in wearables in the coming years for clothing as well,” the specialist added.

The automotive industry at an electronics exhibition

The active participation of major automotive manufacturers in the electronics exhibition was certainly unexpected. “Manufacturers like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and others presented electric vehicles, and some of them were already self-driving. Automobiles receive more and more attention at this exhibition every year because it seems like electric vehicles will indeed be used by the masses in the future,“ added Rumbutis.