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ACME Europe is the international distributor of various brands famous worldwide as well as one of the biggest producers of active leisure gadgets and computer accessories in Europe.

ACME Europe is the authorised distributor of the following brands in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia: Ninebot by Segway, Aula, BeoPlay, Incase, Deeper, Fitbit, Vimtag, Jabra, Tech21, Sandisk, Apacer, Quardio, Koomus, MyScreen, Kanex, Verbatim, AkRacing, Arozzi, Razor.

Besides, throughout its history ACME Europe created several thousands of products marked with ACME trademark. Currently there are around 400 different ACME products available in the market, which improve the quality of living and household. A good few of these products were awarded with prestigious Lithuanian and international design awards.


ACME Grupė was established in 1993 when the industry of ICT technologies in Lithuania was only in its earliest development stage and, thus, the business in this industry was thought to be a risky venture. When the impact of new computer technologies began to get bigger all over the world, the demand for innovative and life-improving solutions continued to grow in Lithuania. ACME Grupė started its business as a distributor and reseller of technological products and solutions, and eventually became a developer and producer of such products and solutions. ICT has been and will be the core business area of ACME Grupė group of companies.

While being active and creative people the founders of ACME Grupė expanded their activities in 1994 and started a new business – import and distribution of magnetic storages (for audio and video) in Lithuania. As the competition in this area increased, it was decided to start producing video tapes instead of importing them, and this was a beginning of ACME Europe which at that time was called ACME Baltija.

In 1996 the new department of ACME Baltija was opened in Latvia.

In 2012 ACME Baltija became ACME Europe.

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The international company which offers simple and stylish electronic products, and occupies a strong position in the target markets.


Create and distribute attractive, reliable and affordable products for comfortable everyday life by focusing on the future.


Provide attractive, reliable and affordable products by quickly responding to the market and channel needs.


We cherish openness and simplicity, encourage independent and bold decisions. We appreciate confidence and goodwill, broad approach and renewal.


IFA 2017 – What Appliances Will We Mostly Look for in the Shops?

The most important trade show of the region IFA 2017 took place in Berlin, Germany, 1–6 September. The exhibition included products that are new to the market as well as categories introduced earlier; all of them being gadgets/devices that we are most likely to be looking for in the shops.
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Every day quite a big number of the personnel heads of Lithuanian organizations are puzzled as to how the employees’ competence could be motivated and improved so that they would both adapt to the changing conditions of the market and make crucial changes in the organizations. Wishing to provide the necessary competences and tools for those changes coming into the world, this year “ACME Grupe” started a unique constant employees’ nurturing program of a new format – “ACMErship” Academy.
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2017 – the year of virtual reality

“Why have reality when you can have virtual reality?” - Until recently, such a saying might have seemed like a joke, but it may soon become something as common as smart phones, cloud technology or wireless internet. Information technology experts say that 2017 will deserve to be called the year of virtual reality because countless people around the world will all try virtual reality headsets.
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Getting hungrier as they eat – new technology producers do not plan to stop

None can deny that the last few years have been a golden age for technology and innovations. Our everyday lives have been enriched by virtual reality devices, drones, Segways and countless other functional devices.
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Thorough work earns prestigious awards – the results are on display at Akademija+

      On 15 February, the Akademija+ exhibition opened at the Vilnius Art Academy's Titanikas exhibition hall. The goal of the exhibition is to present the synergy of design, technology and business as a potential source of innovations.
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Products of ACME Europe were awarded at many national and international competitions. The following awards are trademarks of exceptional design and products quality.

ACME PEANUT mouse was awarded at Geras dizainas 2012, Inovacijų prizas 2012, Plus X award 2012, iF DESIGN AWARD 2013;

ACME JUNGLE earphones were awarded at Geras dizainas 2013;

ACME Urban harmony product line was awarded at Inovacijų prizas 2013;

ACME PEAK Messenger bag-backpack was awarded at iF DESIGN AWARD 2014;

ACME MOON headphones were awarded at iF DESIGN AWARD 2014.

ACME DROP Screen cleaner 2 in 1 iF DESIGN AWARD 2015.

ACME BAT Bluetooth speaker + one knob control was awarded at Geras dizainas 2016.

ACME packages won a second place at National Package Design Awards NAPA.


Companies of ACME Grupė welcome professional people who are team players, who have high moral standards and comply to the principles of ethics. Employees who are constantly learning and improving in a professional sense, the ones who have the opportunity to reveal their potential and realize their ideas are the strength of any company.

If you would like to join our team, send your CV to recruitment@acme.lt. Your CV will become a part of our database and we will surely contact you, if we have a job offer which fits your competences and expectations.


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